Malls in Dubai, UAE (BnB Tours)

Bread n’ Butter Ep#57
Pinoy entrepreneur’s in Dubai / Malls in Dubai, UAE

emiratesmallWe just can’t get enough of Dubai so we extended our stay there, for a few more days to fully understand the vibe, splendor and the charm of this golden city. This time we will go mall hopping among the many high class malls that proudly stands in this dessert environment seemingly defying the heat covering the whole land. We expect that this would be along day so we come prepared for this very welcome treat. First in our long list is the Mall of the Emirates.
This massive mall definitely dwarfs the malls here in our country. Occupying lands that stretches 2.4 million square feet. This mall houses 400 shops that present shoppers almost all the imaginable items that can be bought. Considered as the largest mall in the world outside North America, it attracts thousands of tourists all throughout the year. One of its main attractions is the indoor ski centre which is the largest in the world.

breadnbutter & friends in Ibn BattutaNext we visited the Ibn Battuta mall named after the legendary 14th century Arabian explorer. The mall is subdivided into six main courts representing India, Persia, Andalusia, Egypt, Tunisia and China. Visiting these places makes you feel that you are transported right into those countries since its decoration resembles those places, complete with sculptures, boats, displays and landmarks.

362557178_29b5178bb4We had our stopover in Al Karama, the most populous residential district in Dubai. Compared to our own Quiapo, one can buy very affordable goods and equally cheap services including accommodations. Majority of the populace consists of South Asian nationalities including Filipinos. Here we met many of our kababayans whose diligence at work earned high respect from other nationalities. We had to visit Agemono, a Filipino owned restaurant also located here which serves Filipino and Japanese favorites. Proof of its patronage is the multitude of people trudging their way to this food establishment throughout the day. Already running in its fourth year, they’ve just recently opened another branch as the demand for their service cannot be accommodated anymore. Al Satwa is another center where Filipinos reside. Offering almost the same wares, services and goods including its inexpensive housing units. Here we met a kababayan who sells Natasha not only to our kababayans but to other nationalities as well. An interesting fact is that wherever Filipinos go, their culture, values and beliefs go with them too.

breadnbutter in al attar mallFor our third mall tour, we explored the Al Attar mall. This is famous for its variety of restaurants that represents many of the cuisines of Asia. So no need to miss your favorite adobo, sinigang na baboy, kare-kare or lumpia, Filipino restaurants around here. As mentioned before, Dubai is also called the golden city owing to its Gold souks. According to the Dubai City Guide there are an estimated 25 tons of gold displayed in its more than 600 shops at any given time. Industrious Iranians and Indians own most of the shops here. Gold in different forms proliferate here. Literally and figuratively Dubai as the city of gold indeed stirs our imagination and reminds us of the old stories of riches in the East. Well, luckily for us we experienced the best of Dubai first hand.


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