Fill the fulfillment of the finicky Filipino taste at Robbie’s Seafood Restaurant

Fresh food to fill the fulfillment of the finicky Filipino taste for food. This is our experience while eating at Robbie’s Seafood Restaurant. Everything fresh from the sea from seaweeds, shells to fish are offered in a very affordable price. When it comes to dining, seafood delights are certainly at the top of the tri-kadas menu. 

Robbie's Seafood Restaurant

Robbie's Seafood Restaurant

Off we go to Macapagal Avenue where this charming and spacious restaurant is located. Easy accessible from all directions, commuters will have no problem getting there since busses and jeepneys regularly ply the stretch of the Macapagal Avenue. Bringing your own car won’t be a hassle since a large parking area is situated in the immediate vicinity. Robbie’s is just one of the many restaurants that line this area. Others present’s almost the same food as Robbie’s but the difference is perfectly clear once crowds of people starts marching in. And we are one of those throngs of people who descend to this place to experience their delectable foods. 

Tri-kada at Robbies

Tri-kada at Robbies

Clean and brightly lit surroundings welcomes weary and hungry guests to this place. Upon entering one will have the impression that he’s in a very classy yet homely place that immediately beckons anyone to relax and have fun while enjoying their favorite seafood treats. Draperies of soft immaculate white linen dangles from the corners and extends to the whole part of the ceiling covering its entirety. To complement this, red light coming from chandeliers made from capiz shells and turn of the century- styled white lamps adds to the romantic ambiance of the whole place. Fully air-conditioned rooms definitely add to the appetite of the customers.

 Let’s talk about the staff. Neatly groomed waiters and waitresses clad in black pants and shirts attentively serve the customers presenting the menu with candor and enthusiasm. Always alert and or sensitive to the customers needs, they are one more reason why this joint is frequently visited.

 bread n butter in robbies seafood (3)Wait a minute they still have more surprises in store, we were ushered outside to a large “kubo” that can accommodate about a dozen people. If you want to dine here its free of charge. Eating al fresco is definitely a must for customers. Feel the cool breeze of the winds blowing from the Manila Bay.

 Here’s the gist and unique in this kind of place, after ordering, the staff then would go to a nearby market to buy the raw ingredients to be cooked. In short, what you are actually eating is fresh catch from the ocean. Superb! 

The Foods!!!

The Foods!!!

By our own estimate, a P2, 000 budget would be enough to satisfy the appetite of a large family. The staff informed us that it would take about 15 to 20 minutes for the orders to start coming in, just a small time to wait considering the sumptuous treat that awaits us. While waiting one can elapse the time by admiring the beautiful surrounding, glorious servings of oceanic delicacies satisfied our cravings.

 Giant prawn tempuras dipped in sweet and sour sauce is my favorite. Other bestsellers are the lapu-lapu with sauce, spicy crab, baked tahong and many more.   

Tri-kada loves eating!

Tri-kada loves eating!

Going to its fourth year, Robbie’s definitely mastered the art of treating people excellently. Robbie’s indeed lives up to its expectations and exceeded it even more.


(Aired on Bread n’ Butter episode#50 July 31, 2009)

 Robbie’s Seafood Restaurant



Tel. no: 5562773



Rodel: I would go for an 8, the ambiance where we ate are great because we have a great view of the manila bay at the back, customers can choose whether they like to be in an air-conditioned room or a more fresh air environment. I definitely love the bake tahong. The price is just right and affordable. And the good thing is – it’s open till 3am so if you felt hungry in the middle of the night, this place could be the answer to your problem.


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