Castle like cities in the sand (Dubai, Abu Dhabi)

“Considered as the richest city in the world, Abu Dhabi is another tourist destination that boasts of millions of visitors yearly.”

For the last part of our UAE escapade, we visited yet another dazzling city of the dessert. Considered as the richest city in the world, Abu Dhabi is another tourist destination that boasts of millions of visitors yearly. From Dubai, we enjoyed a 90 mile trip to reach this place. Abu Dhabi faces the wide Persian Gulf. As the capital of UAE, it is the countries center for political and industrial activities.

Miles and miles of amazing sandy wilderness

Commercial establishments of different kinds can be found in the commercial districts of the city. The city produces large quantities of oil as a result many multinational companies have invested here and many more are continuing setting up their businesses.

Posing like king and queens at the Emirates Palace

One of the grandest structure that can be found here is the Emirates Palace. Given the title as the most expensive luxury hotel ever built according to a famous magazine, the modernistic building has 302 rooms and 92 suites. Room rates starts at $400 to the most expensive Palace Grand Suite that can reach up to $11,500 a night. We were amazed by the sheer size of the place that seems to come straight out from ancient Arabian stories that speaks of wealth and grandeur. Filipino businesses thrive in this parched region too. We visited Panaderia a Filipino owned bake shop. A little over three months since it opened, it is not only famous to our kababayans but also to other nationalities who are interested in trying our traditional pastries like the ever reliable hunger quenching pandesal, the sweet and satisfying taste of pan de coco and hopia and lots more. Since it’s been quite a long time since we’ve tasted Filipino pastries, we readily ordered some for ourselves. Fresh from the oven pastries will always satisfy anyone’s hungry appetite.

Tri kada on golden sands

We headed back to Dubai once more to get down and dirty in the desert. We tried the desert safari or desert bashing. This is a relatively new form of entertainment here which is also famous among other countries where there are large tracts of sand. It is a variation of off-roading. We rode a 4×4 vehicle for almost an hour of crazy driving up and down the slopes of these towering sand dunes. Anyone who would try this will have the same sentiments such as ours, “an out of this world, exhilarating and sandy experience in the desert” to sum it up in a sentence. We also tried the Sand Ski adventure where you can slide from the highest dunes and ski down its sinuous slopes . Mr Public Service himself tried and enjoyed it. After this we had an up close and personal experience with a desert inhabitant, a beast of burden and pet to some, the camel. This is a more personal way to experience this environment. To complete our mall tour of Dubai we visited Times Square Centre which mostly sells electronics and home furniture’s. Inside the mall we found the Chill Out Café. It is a cafe made of ice. Everything’s made of ice from cutleries , benches, tables plates and glasses. We suggest that you try this out just to escape the scorching heat of the city.

Wowed at the grandeur of the Emirates Palace

We were amazed by another record breaking mall, the Mall of Dubai. It prides itself of 600 plus retail shops surpassing any malls in the world. Another attraction here is the Aquarium and Discovery Centre. It has the world’s largest viewing panel and a 270 degree walkthrough tunnel that showcases 33,000 marine animals.

So there you have it guys the best of these cities. We guarantee that your visit here is a time well spent many times over.

(Aired on Bread n Butter Episode 58)

Castle like cities in the sand (Dubai, Abu Dhabi)

Middle East

Sandy adventure

Arlene: Definitley two of the most exciting places we visited, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are magnificent megacities that can be compared to other great metropolis’ in Europe and America. How exciting it is to travel in these places where the landscape reflects golden rays from the sun right into your eyes. Towering state of the art buildings shows the opulence, grandeur and the high economic achievements of these countries. Still, signs of continued progress is evident through numerous construction projects that we saw while passing through the streets.

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