Best Sisig at Bonnies Barbecue grill

Another restaurant we recommend is Bonnie’s barbecue grill. Bonnie’s just opened its fifth branch in Edsa Central Mandaluyong a few weeks ago. It prides itself in its

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Kapampangan cooking. We generally love Kapampangan cooking  so  we never pass on every occasion we have to dine in any restaurant, eatery or carinderia with vicious Kapampangan delicacy on the table. Bonnies is definitely one of the top grill houses we visited. We grazed the ribbon cutting ceremony of this sure hit griller. The smell of the newly cooked meat and fish products pervade the cool air in this air-conditioned  and spacious room that made us anticipate the banquet that awaits us. We were not disappointed and our expectation were met when we finally sat and ate the food. Lets look back in its short history.

Its first taste of success started in Tarlac where Bonnies is already a hit among the

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Tarlaceños. The owner said that it is not easy starting their business since they have lots of competitors in the market. Also given the fact there are already established grill houses there. Through diligence, they managed to make their barbecue known. The best secret to their success lies in the way they prepare their barbecue which they naturally don’t tell to other people especially to inquisitive and meddling hosts like us.

A few years later, the owner’s started to put up a branch here in Manila way back in 2005. Gradually it made its mark among the top grill restaurants. Would you

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believe that it just started with a P500 capital which was provided by the father of the owner. So you can say that this was built out of fatherly love and encouragement. Meals starts at as low as P49. Other prices ranges as high as P150. All are complete meal in itself.  The branch in Mandaluyong has a live band that regularly performs here.  For those interested, Bonnies is open for franchising.

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2 Responses to “Best Sisig at Bonnies Barbecue grill”
  1. mark rumreich says:

    Is there any way to buy a Bonnie’s tee shirt shipped to the US? That would be awesome!

  2. The Decepticons execute an Autobot made up to look like an old man by shooting him in the back of the head.

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