If you are a food connoisseur or you’re just a fanatic of excellently good food, then you wouldn’t pass the opportunity to dine in Barbara’s restaurant located right inside Intramuro’s Manila. Traversing a carved staircase leading up to the second level where the spacious resto is situated. Barbaras is elegantly designed that matches its rustic atmosphere. There we met Barbara Gordon-Delos Reyes. This gracious lady introduced to us Barbaras, her dream establishment that is now several decades old.


“All I really wanted was a small and simple coffee shop but as fate have it my business grew into what it is now. Its more than a dream come true.”

Started in the decadent days of the 1970’s, where the newly married Barbara had children and wanted to work. But since the kids are still very small she couldn’t leave them alone in their house so she decided to put up a small coffee shop while taking care of the kids at the same time. Talk about model moms. Maybe this dedication to her family is the key on why her business grew rapidly. The restaurant offers a combination of Spanish and Filipino cuisines and there are also European inspired dishes that Mrs. Barbara learned from her mother and lola. Mrs Barbara together with her daughter also cooks and invents new combination of dishes.

Buffet dining for lunch and dinner is what they offer. While eating expect to be serenaded by the talented group of Filipino singers dressed in classy traditional clothings. As an appetizer of sorts for the treat that is coming, muse yourself first with the fine decorations, paintings and flowers that seems to transport you into other places. Her  small dream has indeed grown into what she didn’t expect.

“I never thought that I end up in Intramuros. Im surprised as I look back and Im amazed that I’m here , Im happy that Im part of this historical place. I love the history and I love the Philippines the locals and Filipinos.

Like any hard working Filipino she and her staff are fiercely committed to their work

“Good food and excellent service this is our goal, to be excellent in giving food and excellence to our clients.

So guys try and visit their place and you too will definitely find yourself repeating Barbara’s name in your dreams.


(Aired on Bread n Butter Episode 63)

Rodel: Eat and be filled with what Barbaras has in store for those who seek the best in Filipino and European cooking in Manila. If you guys travel to Intramuros, make it a part of your itinerary to visit this place and I guarantee you’ll be part of the proud customers who had the wonderful experience of dining in this great place.


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