People are health conscious nowadays thats why gyms and fitness centers sprout everywhere even in small communities. But there is a place where all services can be found. Bodyworx is a completely unique establishment where a gym, spa, and physical therapy center all rolled into one. This is what the Trikada really needs. We can have our workout while being pampered in a spa. Situated at a busy district of Quezon City, Bodyworx boats of high-tech facilities complete with amenities that are world class. It is spread over a 2,000 square meter area. Colorful walls are painted with different designs to give the feel of a cozy and relaxing environment. Such is what customers look for after a stressful day in work or school.

Mostly young professionals and students visit this place on a regular basis.    We tried several of the fitness equipments, and it proved to be very easy to use especially there are trainers waiting to assist you. The trainers of course are all professional and licensed and are excellently trained to help clients in any type of workout regimen. Joining fee costs at around seven thousand pesos plus monthly fee of 1,900 you can get unlimited access for all their services. We also tried the very relaxing spa. We have been to many spas before but this one definitely is one of the best. Relaxing music coupled with soothing scents from imported incense. We dozed off while being treated in it.

They also have boxing programs which have many students enrolled in it. Thanks of course to Manny Pacquiao who made boxing even more popular in the country. They are currently changing their equipments to be even more updated with the most effective and productive equipments for the customers. The management are geared toward expanding the awareness of Filipinos to the benefits of regular exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.

(Aired in Bread N Butter Episode 64)

Arlene: If your determined to get your body have those wonderful curves then this is the place to let you sweat and let your gut out in one of the most updated gym or fitness centers today. Or you can have a relaxing and refreshing moment in their spa. I would want to visit this place once a month and enjoy the wonderful service of their spa. Everyone needs a break, a day, an hour in Bodyworx will give its customers the right pampering they sorely need.


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