Elorde Boxing Gym

The country is rich in its boxing history from Pancho Villa , Luisito “Lindol”Espinosa, Gerry Penalosa and currently Manny Pacquiao. Personalities that gave us international recognition in this sport time and time again. No wonder Filipinos have become boxing fanatics throughout the years since it has been introduced to us. Gabriel “Flash” Elorde another of our icon in his determination to further introduce the art and sport of boxing to Filipinos built his first boxing gym in Manila. It has now opened dozens of branches in different parts of Manila. There are sixteen branches here in Metro Manila and is currently managed by the children of the “Flash”.

preparing for the fight!

This is our chance to have a workout ala Manny Pacquiao minus being punched and all those super hard trainings of course. It was not until recently that people realized that boxing can be a great exercise given the proper training for it. We visited Elorde gym in their Gilmore branch in Greenhills. The place is not air-conditioned which was purposely done so that customers will have the feel of intense workouts especially when sweat starts to trickle down their tired faces. Elorde hires professional boxers to train students. Some have been here for many years. It is surprising to us to see girls as young as fifteen enrolling for basic boxing training. They have a membership fee of  Php. 500 for the whole year that covers the use of all their facilities. For every session  they charge Php. 200.

So tiring!

Aside from boxing, they have gym facilities for those who want to develop muscular bodies. Students have to provide themselves with their own gloves, fighting shoes, bandage and other accessories. Want to box the  Elorde way then head off to one of their sixteen branches. Who knows, someday youll have Manny Pacquiao himself as your sparring partner.

(Aired in Bread n Butter Episode 64)

Kitt: No wonder Filipinos are such boxing fanatics. After trying an hour of hard training then followed by several rounds of boxing with our trainer gave me tremendous feeling of exhilaration. So that I requested to do a couple of rounds more. This is what you get through boxing. Elorde gym has one of the best boxing trainings in the country. With the “Flash’s children taking on the helm in helping the sport have its place in the Philippine sports history, Elorde Gym will continue to train and more specially give fun for people who enjoy knocking people out.


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