Fashion Sailor

Want to shop in Ukay-ukay right in your own house? Who wouldn’t want to right? Imagine you wouldn’t have to go to UK stores just to shop for hard to find stylish branded clothing.  Just sit down in front of a PC and google your way to a fun shopping galore in Fashion Sailor. Owned by a young and petite newly grad from UST  named Charlene Bananal a business tycoon in the making. This strong minded girl has got what it takes to make it big in the business with her ingenuity and drive in her work. Diligently working her way through college, Charlene has prepared herself  for this challenge in her life. Started in 2000, Fashion Sailor products are hand picked second hand imported and branded items from different Ukay Ukay shops in the Metro that ranges from shirts,blouse, pants,slacks, dresses and accessories all in competitive prices.

People always wonder why the name fashion sailor, Claudine herself conceptualized the name. She said that ancient courageous mariners plied the seas in search of spices for their consumption. Seafarers back then traveled distant places just to have those precious commodities. Much like ukay fanatics today who will search every nooks and crannies just to stumble upon hard to find clothing’s, hence the name fashion Sailor. The mode for buying her products is through bidding or auction. The person who bids the highest wins. Then you can fill up the order request form online then it will be delivered right at your doorstep. That simple. The store also have special promos for customers. The prices normally ranges between Php. 200 to Php.300. Claudine sees to it that  her business runs the way she wanted it so she personally chooses the items, operates the business first hand and even helps in washing of the clothes before it is auctioned.

Currently Fashion Sailor has captured clients from Luzon up to Visayas. This is due in part of her hassle free service. Once ordered and paid delivery is swift to customers. Claudine has an advice for others who want to try this kind of business “they have to know what their selling kung ano nag malapit as puso mo, clients only see the facts.”

We definitely are fans of thrift shops since the first of its kind opened here in the Philippines. When you are in a tight budget and want to have clothing’s that are inexpensive this are the place to visit.

(Aired in Bread n Butter Episode 62)
Kitt: It is surely amazing how a creative mind comes up with a completely innovative way to make lives of people more simple. In this case easy shopping for shopoholics who doesnt want to sweat it out and spend hours in ukay shops. Whats even more amazing is that this is the idea of a very young Pinay who is herself a fashionista. Kudos to you Charlene and may you find more…clothes to sell online.


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