Gigis Custaroons

For all the sweet tooth’s out there you’ll surely have a visit to your dentist once you’ve sampled the sugary offerings of Gigis Custaroons. Indulge yourself in this yummy one of a kind dessert which is a cross of three delicious delicacies. The texture is similar with a custard cake and macaroon but has a distinct taste like that of a leche flan with its tender melt in your mouth consistency. Amazing invention if you would consider it that way. All these are the brainchild of Mrs Gigi Gaerlan an inventive entrepreneur founded this business accidentally. Way back in 1999 when Mrs Gaerlan had an idea of baking sweet goodies just for giveaways for Christmas.

The original recipe came from his mom which she just refined and added different tastes to it. After several baking trials she eventually perfected the formula for her best selling treats. She then started giving it to her friends and relatives.  Not long after they started ordering different products from her. This got her the idea of making baking a business. Only after nine years when she finally decided to make this into a full blown business. Gigi recounts that it wasn’t all easy putting up and maintaining this business since there are a lot of competitors in the market plus the skyrocketing of basic commodities makes production cost higher. They dealt with these setbacks accordingly that’s why business is brisk.

They already have regular customers and more are still adding up. Customers can choose from different varieties of products and flavors. Gigi is proud to say that she herself conceptualized the design and packaging of her products. She is very hands and keeps tag even to the last detail. No wonder her venture is growing.

The price ranges from Php. 220 to Php.830 for all the products that they sell. For those who want to place an order you can make a call 1 or two days ahead so that they can prepare for it. She is planning to add more products and think up newer flavors. She said that in the nearest future she is planning to expand her sales here in the Philippines and hopefully establish an outlet in other countiesy as well. Gigi Custaroons sweeter than most sweets.

(Aired on Bread n Butter Episode 62)

Sweets for my sweet

Kitt: Im such a fan of this kind of treats. Since I was a child various blends of sweets are a staple food in our house. I thought I tasted all the best candies but Gigis  sweets definitely deserves a rightful place in my list. I have to stop myself from nonstop binging of this fine food served in front of me.


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