Transaxion Unlimited Corporation

Health consciousness is an already established trend in the minds of Filipinos today. Virtually all forms of media advocates its importance and its benefits. Lifestyles of thousands of people adheres to this reemergence of thinking.

The Trikada had our taste of naturally flavorful and healthy food and drinks through Transaxion Unlimited Corporation, importer and distributor of alternative health products which includes beverages, snack food, breakfast food and beverages. Started by a group of young enthusiastic friends whose common interest is selling and marketing products. Their goal is to give the local market added choices for healthy nutritious foods by bringing top of the line and guaranteed best sellers from other countries. These guys only import products that are the most popular brands in their country of origin since there are more stringent laws that require only the best quality and high nutritional specifications for their products. So customers are assured of only superior items that are competitive both in value and price. Their products are already in the market and carries the brands Tipco, Bissin biscuits and Mornflakes to name a few. Their initial venture in the market was quite difficult for them since there are already established goods out there. But through persistence and the products innate excellence, eventually they gained patronage and customers are added to the roster of satisfied buyers.

TIPCO brands are one of there top sellers has 18 products that are available in the market and is still set to add more for people to enjoy. It is the number one product in Thailand today. It gained popularity here and abroad because aside from its refreshing taste, it doesn’t have any sugar in it. The sweetness that you taste is actually the natural flavor from the fruits. No preservatives or artificial ingredients added. Another brand is Mornflake. It is a an amazing 300 year old company from UK.  They are famous for their  oatmeals that are one of the favorites by Britons for three centuries now. They also have this Sprinkle, a rich concoction of fibrous materials for those who want to eat high fiber content meals. You just sprinkle it to your soup or any other food without affecting the foods taste. They also have Chef Tony’s popcorn. A melt in your mouth crispy chunks of popcorns that comes in various flavors. It is locally made but the ingredients are imported.

Transaxion promises to add more healthy products soon and are making plans to introduce it in the provinces. Next time your in the grocery be sure to buy Transaxion products and see the benefits of eating healthy good foods.

(Aired on Bread n Butter Episode 64)

Rodel: Im into healthy foods right now and Transaxion products will greatly help my goal to consciously live a healthy lifestyle. They have the whole array of honest to goodness goods to give any other products a run for their money.  I personally recommend their products to all those who want to experience healthy foods with great tasting flavors.


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