El Buono

Probably one of the best cuisine in the world is the Italian food. Especially here in the Philippines where spaghetti and pizza are considered regular fare in birthdays and holidays. One special and unique shop offers these and even more, larger. El Buono is an authentic Italian restaurant that makes the biggest pizza in the country. The unbelievable 38’ pizza more than fills the appetite of a family. This should fill up appetites of a whole “baranggay” (community) How can the three of us eat all this when normally we eat at least two pizzas in one sitting.

The prizes range from Php. 1595 to 1695. Not bad considering the size and taste of it. One thing to point out is with their pizza they don’t sacrifice lessening the ingredient to accommodate the size. Customers are assured of full array of toppings just like with their smaller pizza’s. The customers have to wait for forty minutes for it to be cooked. Triple the cooking time for ordinary sized pizza. Diners who order this usually bring cameras to have their pictures taken with it. Who wouldn’t want to be pictured with the largest pizza in town.

The concept for this originated in the States where one of its owner Mr. Lance Cervida got the idea. His lifelong fascination with pizza led him to create a pizza that not only is it big in size but also big in taste. Together with three other friends, they build this restaurant. All of them have different functions in their business. With their visionary approach in the different forms of competition they managed to tough it out with other already established restaurants.

El Buono literally means “masarap na pagkain” in the vernacular. And this claim is what they proclaim to their customers that in each food they serve even to their drinks are guaranteed delicious. With just nine months in operation, El Buono immediately established itself in the Italian food business. Pizza and pasta galore where else but in El Buono.

(Aired on Bread n Butter Episode 65)

Rodel: This is not just a foodfare but a fanfare of yummy oddity thanks to its huge size. Diners will not only have a grand time partaking it they will also have a good time taking pictures with probably one of the biggest pizza in the world. It took several days for the three of us with our own family to finish it all up.  I never want to see another pizza again…unless its from El Buono


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