Patio Guernica

From Germany we now go to another famous European country where football, the Il Duche Francisco Franco and the Flamenco are part of their history. Spain’s art, attitude, belief and especially cuisine are the closest to us Filipino’s. With the more

Delio is very ready to eat at the patio!

than three hundred years of their occupation, Spanish culture are certainly ingrained in our consciousness and lifestyle. So much so that we are all too familiar with Spanish cuisine. Spanish restaurants has been here for more than a hundred years. But in recent years Patio Guernica  in Belaggio Square is the talk of the town when it comes to authentic Spanish dishes. Diners can feel the homely ambiance of the place and makes one imagine that they are in a Spanish chateau. Attendants are garbed in Spanish costumes while they serve the foods to customers. Their colorful dresses match the splendidly decorated surroundings. Customers usually are amused with this spectacle and oftentimes they take pictures of themselves with them.

Just a little bit of history. Guernica is a famous painting by the Spanish Cubist painter Pablo Picasso. His inspiration for this painting is the actual bombing of the town of Guernica in the Basque by the Italian and German forces during the Spanish Civil War.

delicious foods only at patio guernica

The owners thought of this name to be truly connected to that country aside from its delicacies. Let’s talk about the food, they are known for their paella (rice dish mixed with vegetables, meat and seafoods) lengua (cow tongue, prepared in different ways) and callos (pig knuckles and tripe) Other dishes are the Paella Valenciana (rice dish with shrimp, crab, Spanish sausage, Paella Negra (black rice with squid)

Inspite of the expensive looking surrounding, the owners are planning to change the image of Guernica as expensive and are only reserved for the rich.They want the people not to be intimidated by the place as it is known for its expensive food. They want people to know that they have a very reasonable price for their dishes. Beside the fact that the food they will eat are world class and authentic. They also have a delivery service which has a minimum of Php.1000. For all the Señor and Señoritas out there, be sure to try Patio Guernica at the Bellagio Square in Malate and have a full and satisfying meal.

gosh! we have ate a lot! but don't worry the manager is so kind we didn't pay that much! hehehe!

(Aired on Bread n Butter Episode 64)

Arlene: Classy, cozy and a whole lot of delicious Spanish cuisine. Thats Patio Guernica for its customers. There are tons of Spanish resto’s in town and this is the best so far on my long list. Im glad that it is just near my house so I can visit it on a regular basis.

sarah are you crying because of the receipt or because your date didn't appear

2 Responses to “Patio Guernica”
  1. Guernica-Gernikara says:

    Next April 26 they are fulfilled 74 years of Gernika’s bombardment. Paul R. Picasso formed this bombardment in throughout the world known picture “Guernica”, which a today has turned into symbol of the Peace and of the Human rights.

    We ask for your adhesion to which we believe legitimate claim of moving definitively the picture, ” Guernica-Gernikara “.

  2. April 26th will mark the 74th anniversary (1937) of the bombing of Guernica when Hitler’s Air Force dropped bombs on market day as hundreds of civilians were in town. This was done at the request of the Spanish government. Picasso immortalized this event in the painting of “Guernica” and requested this painting be returned to the Basque Country after WWII which followed the Spanish Civil War. It had been safe in New York…and then sent to Madrid.
    There is an on-line petition to sign (pétition en ligne)…please help us get it back to the Basque Country in Guernica where it belongs.

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