Ark Avilon Zoo

Noah played zookeeper for the thousands of animals in that ancient ark during those turbulent times when the Earth was submerged in league deep water. In modern times though, the ark now stands in terra firma not in Central Asia but in the Philippines. Yes your right guys its right in the heart of Metro Manila. Though not the original ark of Noah, Ark Avilon Zoo is the modernistic example on what a zoo should be in terms of maintenance, capacity, variety of animals and concept. Right at the entrance visitors will be greeted with the growls of giant cats right on display in a reinforced glass wall. Walking the causeway leading through the entrance, people can see the jungle-type wall of the zoo. You can cross the bridge where situated below are the crocodiles and arapaima basking leisurely in the water. The crocs backs seem as large as a car and terrifying to look at while the arapaima which is a giant fish joyfully swims while it eats. Their mouth snaps noisily while feeding as a result of the air that is quickly swallowed when the fish closes its mouth. These two giant animals are a few of the attractions here. Further on we met more of the of the animals. There are lots of other more cuddly creatures in this zoo theres Collin the very playful three year old monkey, Selina the albino phyton slithering her way through your body, Narda the talkative cockatoo, Puti the majestic sea eagle, Golem the stubborn donkey and go course Bruce the  cute miniature horse that is so tamed and is used to people already. This is probably the zoo in the country where you can see a sheepdog. It is a domesticated canine that is used to protect ships and livestocks against predators in the wild.

Increase the adventure when you go up the roof deck where other resident animals can be found. We saw there weird creatures like Macky the white carabao splendidly proud of his color and seems not affected by the difference of his color from his native cousins. The finely feathered Victoria Crown pigeon named Tisya, amuses us with her almost nonstop fluttering of her wings that makes a low pitched sound. We had an opportunity to feed the cuddly rabbits. We also watched a mommy rabbit bear an offspring. A truly wonder of nature witnessing a birth of one of natures creatures.

A special and unique activity here is that the customers can choose and feed some of the animals with food prepared by the zookeepers. Each one of us picked different animals to feed. How we wished we could bring home some of them. Ark Avilon has around 600 species of animals, 25 species of reptiles, 30 species of birds and 25 species of mammals. Wow quite a number of animals to be taken care of. Zookeepeers are trained professionals who dutifully attends to the needs of the animals here. They also have souvenir items for guests to bring home as mementos. kid playground and face painting with animals as subject  as an added attraction for kids.

You can also bring home an animal so you can enjoy them at your home. With just Php 300 on your pocket you can experience this out of this world zoo.

We never imagined zoo’s are these interactive and unique nowadays. Ark Avilon Zoo is a must visit for all animal lovers who want a different experience with the hairy, feathery slithery and sweaty creatures in this place.

(Aired in Bread n Butter Episode 67)

Rodel: Its back to our childhood days when zoos are an integral part of field trips of elementary school students. Whats amazing with Ark Avilon is their unique and modernistic approach to zoo keeping. visitors can attest to how the Management and personnel dutifully maintains the cleanliness of the zoo. The animals seems well fed and healthy a big factor for animal lover like me. Im sure lots of animals will be addedd to their collection. A reason why you should visit this zoo.


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