Fuzione Cafe

Fuzione cafe and restaurant is a fusion of the enterprising minds and hearts of two young couple who courageously delved in the challenges of business. Indeed when two minds combine, two concepts, two ideas are melded into one to produce a profitable masterpiece such as Fuzione. This baby pet project of the couple was actually years in the drawing board back when they haven’t committed each other in marriage. It was their dream to have a cafe that is simple but will have a mark in the heart of their customers through delicious but affordable pastry, pasta and other dishes. They set up the cafe in a famous mall in Montalban Rizal where it immediately became an instant hit among the professionals, students and residents in the area. They were surprised with the wide patronage that they were receiving not only because they are the only cafe and restaurant in Montalban but it is a classy place to have a nice and affordable meal that you can do on a regular basis since the food is unbelievably cheap and certified delicious. Food connoisseurs agree that it is hard to find a restaurant that serves a great meal with a cheap price. Just 15 to 20 minutes away from Metro Manila, diners have several option’s to reach this place. They can take a jeepney ride or bring their own car. The couples passion for cooking, honest approach in conducting business and love for food exploration is the key to the success they are reaping. As we see it they still have more fruitful years to come. One business technique the couple adhere to is that they anticipate what the customers may need in terms of food, place and service. They also add their personal touch through constant interaction to customers asking them how they find the service and food. They even ask for their suggestions. The couple even teach this approach to their staff. They do regular brainstorming to assess what things they can add or changes they can make to the whole concept of the store.

Fuzione is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have pizza, pasta, sandwiches steaks meals and is currently in the process in adding up to their menu. Initially the couple met negative reactions when they proposed to family and friends that they are planning to open their first branch in Montalban. People argued that it is considered economic suicide to put up a fledgling business in a rural like town such as this. But determination and belief in their vision pushed them to continue and prepared themselves for whatever challenges or setbacks. The couple admitted that it wasn’t easy starting. But as their faith in themselves surfaced they surpassed all the obstacles that were presented.

The success of Fuzione is proof that simple dreams do come true. Especially when dreams are dreamt by two.

(Aired in Bread n Butter Episode 67)

Kitt: Tucked in the rural town of Montalban Rizal is this small cafe that residents in the area and nearby towns talk about. Classyand expensive as it may look but foods and drinks comes at the very cheapest price. Literally even the most hard up can afford their meals. Just with a P100  can get you several of their sumptuous foods. Young as the owners are their vision for the future for this cafe will definitely exceed everyone’s expectations.

3 Responses to “Fuzione Cafe”
  1. Devon Lynn says:

    This is a contrast to what I’ve expected of Fuzione cafe and restaurant as I thought the place is cozy and a good place to have some business functions. I ordered an espresso and a lunch treat (a steak meal)sometime in August 2010 and I expect that my orders will be fast-served, to my surprise it took them 15 minutes to serve my meal. needless to say, my lunch is not as cooked as I expected as the meat is not as tender as it should be. I called the attention of the waiter (I forgot his name) and relate that the meat is medium-cooked, I’m expecting a good treatment but the waiter arrogantly told me that they will not replace my meal because I already consumed some portions of it (that waiter is as dumb as ever, how will I know if the meat is medium-cooked if I have not tasted their viand?). So I told him that I will have a word to the owner regarding my order but he insisted that it’s in their policy that once the viand is already consumed (even if portions of it), they will not replace it as it is deemed consumed. Embarassed, I left Fuzione and will never ever step my feet in that place again.

  2. Devon Lynn says:

    Calling the attention of the owners, please train your staff with good manners and courtesy, this is a complete contrast of what’s your projecting in your business decorum, I’m expecting to be treated with utmost respect by their staff but I was surprised by their misdemeanour and discourteous to their customers. I was embarassed in front of my business friends and even told me that I can press charges by their misdemeanour, I told that it doesn’t matter because we will not return in this place and with our harrowing experience with their staff, we will post to our website the incident that transpired at Fuzione.

  3. cain says:

    This restaurant/cafe just opened near my home town a couple of years ago, so I stopped in with a few friends during my last visit. I’ve long heard good things about this place, so despite the 15 minute wait time we decided to give it a shot.

    Once seated, I quickly forgot about the long wait as I enjoyed a fruit shake and some really good appetizers. We ordered Onion rings, as was the Oriental Salad.

    As for my meal, I ordered the Steak meal, which turned out to be a delicious choice. The meat was so tender and cooked to perfection the gravy was even better than KFC. My friend ordered the buffalo wings which was perfect while his girlfriend had a Lasagna that was loaded with cheese and had just the right amount of kick.

    For dessert we decided to share a Chocolate cake, it was fantastic, tasted like what my aunt used to make. And the Oreo cheesecake was awesome. It almost tasted like a big, gooey cupcake covered with ice cream.

    All-in-all I was very satisfied with the food, as well as the service.

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