Golden Fortune Chinese restaurant

The Trikada recently found a treasure trove even more valuable than gold right in the outskirts of the traffic ridden streets of Manila. What’s more important than gold one would ask, what else its food especially when we are talking about food dished out by Golden Fortune restaurant. This spacious joint located in Manila is a melting pot of Chinese, Filipino’s and foreigners of different nationalities who want to experience the best in Chinese cooking. An assortment of fresh catch of seafood delights stored in aquariums greets customers as they enter the establishment. The aquariums are lined at the wall illuminated by fluorescent lights that adds color and vibrance to it. Customers will have a difficult time choosing what is to be cooked as they are all equally tempting. Lobsters, crabs, exotic fishes, and shells are the best sellers here which the chefs could prepare in more than three ways. Clean surroundings are the first to be noticed when one enters it. Pretty, oriental dressed girl’s welcomes you as they usher you in to the seats which is evenly spaced in medium sized and large family size tables.

Two floors were built to accommodate the constantly growing diners. The second floor has several function rooms that could be rented for occasions such as, company meetings, birthdays, parties etc. The busy hours starts from 8pm to 11 pm. During this time expect frenzied activities as waiters and waitresses hurriedly get and serve orders. Noisy clanking of spoons and forks can be constantly overheard as hungry diners eat their much awaited orders. They have perfected the dishes since they are almost a decade in operation. Two more branches were later  added, proof that their business is prosepering . We were served an extensive variety of mouth watering and beautifully presented dishes the moment we sat on their sizable rooms.

The food kept on coming as we were treated to their bestsellers like Shrimp rice roll, Crab rice, Century egg siomai, Soya cake with 3 kinds of mushroom and Steamed Lapu-Lapu in soy sauce to name a few. Served hot from the menu and  regular favorite is the Golden Fortune hot pot  that can fill a whole families tummies. So if you are looking for food much heavier in value than gold then visit Golden Fortune restaurant.

Rodel: Not your typical Chinese restaurant. G.F. is a cozy place where the whole family and friends can dine in the most economical price out their in the market. Don’t be surprised if more branches will pop up in the coming years.


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