UNTV: Bread N’ Butter ready for it’s 4th year!

Time flies really fast and our favorite business and travel show in UNTV has reached it’s 3rd Anniversary. Throughout the long and fruitful years the show has experienced tremendous blessings from the Lord. This is manifest through the unwavering support of our regular viewers in the community who from the shows earliest episodes has tuned in continuously. They are the reasons why the show has been successful.

Rodel Flordeliz, Mr. Bin and Kitt Meily at the caravan.

As a way to thank them Bread n’ Butter is giving a free livelihood training program entitled “Nego-Asenso Livelihood training program for the community” . It will be held in 3 different dates in the month of August. Through partnership with several companies who are willing to give support to this noble endeavor, 3 communities will hopefully benefit from this activity.

Bread n' Butter going to Brgy. Baesa

These are Brgy. Bagbag on August 14, 2011 (Sunday) with “Liquid & Detergent Soap Making”, August 21 (Sunday) at Brgy. Sangandaan with “Basic Meat Processing”, Augsut 27 (Saturday) at Brgy. Baeasa with Siomai and other Dimsum Making.

Photographers and Cameraman at the truck

Last August 6, 2011, in connection to the upcoming events, a caravan was held starting from UNTV Motorpool going to the 3 barrangays.  it was a rainy Saturday morning, yet God has blessed us for not pouring rain on us when the Caravan Started.

It's for people to know and see

The caravan aims to let the people know what will be held in there area. and i think we did achieved it.

13 vehicles joined the caravan

13 different vehicles from UNTV, Barrangays, sponsors and supporters joined the caravan. It was a long line along Quirino Highway.

Mr. Bin of Good Morning Kuya

Kids are more excited not just seeing Mr. Bin but specially for the candies that we are throwing to every crowd we pass in to.

it's a wonderful day!

It’s a perfect day for the caravan! and we thank God for it’s success! Congratulations too to all the staff and crew of the show. We finish at around 12:30 pm and our lunch was ready specially prepared by Chef Hasset from Medchef! (Thanks Chef! We heard the story …)

Here are the other pictures taken from the event. God Bless everyone!

Happy for the Success! Wacky! Wacky!

Kitt Meily and Rodel Flordeliz at the truck

One Response to “UNTV: Bread N’ Butter ready for it’s 4th year!”
  1. Happy 4th Aniversary Bread N’ Butter! 😀

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