The Door to the New Millennium – Pinto Art Gallery

Pinto Art Museum

Hidden Museum at the heart of Antipolo, Rizal. The Pinto Art Museum gives a big contribution to popular Arts and Culture of Antipolo, Rizal. Did you know that Antipolo City is consider one of the artist hub here in the Philippines. By the way PINTO is pronounce as PINTO(DOOR)  and not Pinto (Sam Pinto, gets?)

Lyn (L) and Krizzle (R) - Bread n' Butter Staffs

We have a short chat with one of the tour guides of the Museum, Mr. Andy Orencio. According to sir. Andy, Pinto Art Gallery is owned by Dr. Joven Cuanang (As we hear,  he is a part-shareholder of St. Lukes Hospital).

Mr. Andy Orencio (L), Museum Tour Guide and Rodel Flordeliz (R)

It all started with Dr. Cuanang’s enthusiasm to collect different artworks.

this artwork started it all - Carnaval

This is actually Dr. Cuanang’s rest house turned museum. And with a big heart to arts and artists as well, Doc open his doors by providing a place for the artist to show their artworks.

Former Rest house turned events place

Castillian Mansion look ...

To help maintain the place, they also opened it for possible wedding or events venue as well as a place for pre-nuptial activities.

Php 5,000 for 5 person for the pre-nuptial photo-session. And it will cost Php 50,000 and up for the rent of the place for events.

Here are some of Dr. Cuanang’s collections inside the museum.

Biggest Area inside the place

parang X-ray ang style na ginamit ng artist dito

Let's show some love! hehehe Couple Wire Art. Great Work!

Lyn imitating the portrait

this area looks like a big theater

Entrance Fee: Adult – Php100 / Sr. Citizen – Php 80 / Students and Kids – Php 50. And with that price we didn’t let the moment to pass without taking photographs of ourselves.

Rodel Flordeliz in Pinto Art Gallery

Rodel Flordeliz in one of the Gallery inside the Museum

They also have a small Souvenir Shop inside where you can buy different Artsy-fartsy Filipino products. And soon they will be opening a coffee shop as well.

Souvenir Shop

Pinto Art Museum can be found at Silangan Gardens, 1 Sierra Madre St. Grandheights Antipolo City

You can also visit their website or email them at 

Call them at (632) 687-1015 look for Mr. Andy Orencio and told them you’ve read about Pinto here in our site. 

This looks small outside, wait till you visit the inside and you'll be amaze!

To get to know more about the place please watch Bread N’ Butter every Sunday at 8-9am – UNTV 37 – Your Public Service Channel.

The Photo’s are shots by Rodel Flordeliz, Argie Purisima and Krizzle Aniag. Please do inform us if you wanted to download or copy the following photographs. Thank you  very much!


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