Suman making and Kasoy in Antipolo City

How to make Suman? here's how ...

One of my favorite! Suman! and when we look for suman? We definitely find it in Antipolo City!

the making of Suman ...

Suman has been popularly known in Antipolo as “Pasalubong” or present to friends or love ones specially for tourist and first timers or even people who usually visits the place. But did you know that Suman production actually started in Cainta, Rizal and not really in Antipolo? It was copied and later knowned and popularized in Antipolo though.

Ms. Baby Sarte, one of the makers and suman makers in Antipolo

We had a short chat with one of the makers and sellers of Suman in Antipolo and according to her, this business became a big help specially to his fellow kababayan with in the City.

Kaning Malagkit or Sticky Rice are use to make Suman

Ms. Baby thought us how easy it is to make my favorite Suman. Sticky rice are use, and then it is mixed with salt and coconut milk.

Coconut Milk then mix! mix! mix!

Use your bare hands in mixing to make it more accurate, just remember to clean and wash your hands before doing all of the procedures.

Aling Baby's relatives work's in her shop

After mixing the ingredients, we are now ready to wrap the rice. Kampil, as what the local called it where use to wrap the sticky rice. Kampil is made from Buli leaf, it is being produce also within the area of Antipolo and is paid per sack.

Suman wrapping called Kampil from Buli Tree

Aling Baby thought me how to wrap the Suman, and i find it very challenging. Her workers do the wrapping almost 8 to 12 seconds only per piece. It was so fast i couldn’t follow how it was done. But as Aling Baby say’s they are doing it for decades everyday. I will be needing a lot of practice to perfect the right knot.

Proper wrapping of Suman

After wrapping, it was then arrange in a big casserole, and will be cooked for 1 hour and 30 minutes

Suman before cooking

Wait till it boils, then put a smash ginger on top. The ginger will enhance the smell as well as the taste of the Suman.

Boiling Suman with ginger on top

Well the best part of the whole process is still when it is ready to be eaten… hehehe .. it was best to be eaten cold though, with sugar or jam to give it a sweet taste. In the market of Antipolo, it was sold 3 for 20 pesos, but if you will directly buy in the place where suman is made like in Aling Baby’s you can avail it in  a much cheaper price.

Delicious Suman for sale!

Here are some of the pictures taken from our journey in Antipolo.

Here at the pasalubong center near Antipolo Church you will find different pasalubong specially Suman and Kasoy

Aside from Suman, Kasoy is one of the best selling food in here

All the stores here have the same prices. But each stores Kasoy differ in taste.

You can choose different kasoy flavor depending on your taste palette.

Aling Grace's Pasalubong Store. She's so nice she gave us free suman and a lot of Kasoy

Sarap ng kain ...

To know more about Suman as well as other products of Antipolo City. Watch Bread n’ Butter every Sunday and check out the Antipolo episode. Thats every Sunday from 8-9am on UNTV 37- Your Public Service Channel.

(All pictures are taken by Rodel Flordeliz, Krizzle Aniag and Argie Purisima)

8 Responses to “Suman making and Kasoy in Antipolo City”
  1. jocelyn bautista says:

    As I scan the pictures, I longed more of my kids and the country. Thanks for this….Nothing really compares, so they say.

  2. orlando montealegre says:

    with your features , i miss pilipinas nakaka takam naman wala dito niyan sa middle east ? sana may makaisip maka pag negosyo niyan dito ? think about it kabayan ?

  3. Gillette Pascua says:

    good morning! can you give me the contact nos. of Ms baby sarte? i would like to order some antipolo suman from her 🙂

    • Goryo says:

      Hi Thanks for reading our blog here is the number – Juanita ‘Baby’ Sarte/ Owner, Aling Bering’s

      0927.264.2877 (please do tell them you heard them from Bread n’ Butter thank you very much!)

      • Benjamin Flores says:

        Talagang walang kaparis ang Pinas,,, We r in Pinas this Jan, but never got a chance to visit Antipolo,,, During my young age my Tatay used to bring us to that place, lalo na sa hinolugang Tatak.. (balita ko wala na yatang hinolugang Taktak.)
        Lot’s of thanks for posting this pictures, it brings lots of good memories.. GOD BLESS

      • Goryo says:

        it is definitely! there are still lots of places to explore here in the philippines!

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