Pan de Lechon! anyone?

Seems like an ordinary bakeshop ... look closer and you'll see the difference

Along Sumulong highway at the corner of San Jose street in the city of Antipolo, Rizal, lies a somewhat, ordinary bakeshop but wait till you get closer to its bread …

Some of the bread seen in their bakeshop

Just like other bakeshop found in every barrangay in metro manila, Domalon Bakeshop sells different types of bread that could relieve your hungy stomach.

But the type of bread we are going to show you definitely will capture your attention …

Pan de Lechon

Meet our favorite lechon in bread form, Domalon bakeshop became popular in their area because of this pig-shaped bread which is actually an ordinary “monay” only formed in that shape.

Pan de Buwaya

pan de talangka

pan de pagong

According to the manager of the store, Ms. Charina,  they created it just for fun then later on became a hit in their area, it is sold starting with the smallest size P10, P15, P25, P50 and P100 for the biggest.

pan de lobster

ready to be baked

this bread is very cute

The only fallback though, because of  the open idea a lot of competitors copied the concept, and with lack of proper marketing (we guess) this concept which started in Domalaon became somewhat ordinary in their area.

pan de Lechon ready for the oven

But still, its a great idea which bakers and bakeshop owner could explore. For more information about Domalaon Bakeshop watch Bread n’ Butter every Sunday from 8-9 am on UNTV ch. 37 

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Domalaon Bakeshop

257 Circumferential Road,

Brgy. San Isidro, Antipolo City, Rizal


Note: We just created the names of the bread, we asked the bakers as well as the managers about how each product is called and they didnt say a clear name for the product. The pictures are unedited and were taken by Rodel Flordeliz

12 Responses to “Pan de Lechon! anyone?”
  1. Any sarap po pihado niyan, lalo nat malasa any mga tinapay nation jan, di gaya di to sa Australia…The best tlga ang Pinoy sa creativity!

  2. whyyyjen says:

    They’re like stuffed toys! I can’t eat them, they’re so cute 😉

    • Goryo says:

      yup thats true they look like brown stuffed toys 🙂

      • cai says:

        @Goryo, are you from antipolo..would like to know if the pan de lechon is available & how to get to their bake shop..thanks

      • Goryo says:

        hi Cai, i’m not from antipolo, but we did visit the place, it was a bit difficult to locate, we did asked a lot of residents just to get there. the bakeshop was along Sumulong Highway in Antipolo City. 🙂

      • Lanie says:

        Hi Cai. I am selling lechon bread with free delivery in bulk orders within Metro Manila.You can contact me thru 0920-9046978. thank you.

  3. Marie Foronda says:

    Hi! Can i have any contact details of the Bakeshop? Tnx

  4. triaha says:

    magkno po ung lechon na pan

  5. triaha says:

    Marame po ako oorderin wala clang contak. para ready to pick up nalang xa And how much

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