Caffe Dolce – A Vegetarian’s haven in Quezon City

Wait till you get upstairs ...

A hidden restaurant in the midst of the city … The experience is very fascinating and relaxing when you visit Caffe Dolce. A restaurant specially created for vegetarian and those who loves vegetables and other healthy dishes.

It's a garden setting when you reach the 2nd floor

very cozy and relaxing place to dine

A garden setting awaits the customers upon reaching the 2nd level of the building. Glass doors and walls makes the place even more classy.

Nice Interiors

The wallpaper can be considered one of the highlight of the interiors, it is then complimented by simple tables and transparent chairs. At one side of the restaurant, synthetic but equally beautiful plastic flowers are sold. It was imported from Taiwan.


Red Rose

The flower shop is located near the dining area

The Veranda is quite simple yet evenly beautiful, you will have a great view of other buildings and establishments within the area and people crossing the streets. But this area is also expose to pollution though.

The veranda

We had a short chat with the owner of the store Mrs. Joanna Kao-Lim, she is a taiwanese national married to a Filipino and been here in the Philippines for about 2 years if i’m not mistaken. She understand few tagalog words and not so verse in using the English language too thats why we asked the help of her Pinoy Architect who understand and speak Mandarin fluently.

According to Ms. Joanna, this is the first time she venture in putting up a business here in Manila. and it’s through this restaurant she can help other people to be healthy and start a compassionate living. Her husband is very supportive in her advocacy as well as her staff and crews in the restaurant.

But the place is just an introduction, the best part is when you started to taste their delicious foods one by one! Yey!

Here are some of the many drinks (Hot and Cold) they are offering. I heard it’s around 150 plus in variety.

Caffe Latte (Php 115)

Caffe Latte on Cam!

Iced Rose Latte (Php 155)

Caffe Dolce Fioretto (Php 169)

Fresh Tropical Fruit Tea (Php 160)

The price of the drinks could  go up around Php 160 plus so you will be needing extra bucks to taste different varieties.  The food they serve are evenly delicious. According to Mrs. Joanna, they are very focus with the quality of the food they are serving.

Cream Puff Soup (Php 150)

Pineapple Fried Rice w/ Rolled Egg Salad (Php 549)

Rolled Egg Salad

Taipan Shabu Shabu w/ Noodles (Php 265)

noodles w/ egg

One of my favorite is the Tropical Fruit Pizza, it’s a very unique pizza with many fruits like strawberries, kiwi’s and pineapples. One of the main goal of Caffe Dolce is also to erase the thinking of a lot of people that being Vegetarian is limited to eating leafy vegetables, fruits and TOFU. For the casual meat eaters who finally decided to turn their backs to it, don’t you worry for Caffe Dolce assures that eating vegan dishes (with their Veggie meat and stuff) would be easy like counting 1, 2, 3!

the dress of the servers compliment the beauty of the place

So what's for dessert??

That's me!

Caffe Dolce is located at the Mezzanine level, #848 banawe st. cor Linaw st. Brgy. Sienna, Quezon city. You can also call at this number: 782.4055 

To get the full details of the restaurant and on how Mrs. Lim started the business, watch Bread n’ Butter every Sunday from 8-9am, you could also visit the official website You could also add us on Facebook:

Note: Pictures use are unedited and taken by Rodel Flordeliz and Argie Purisima

4 Responses to “Caffe Dolce – A Vegetarian’s haven in Quezon City”
  1. tricia says:

    there’s ample parking space right? thanks!

  2. karen says:

    Indeed a very nice place in the heart of busy metropolis. Good foods too!

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