Bread n’ Butter awarded an AnakTV Seal!

Rodel Flordeliz, host of Bread n' Butter holds the trophy awarded by Anak TV this December 8, 2011 at Soka Gakkai Philippines

On it’s 3rd year, Bread n’ Butter once again was chosen as a family-friendly program by Anak TV along with other UNTV programs. Out of 110 TV-programs that will carry the Anak TV Seal, 20 programs were awarded from UNTV.


UNTV program host and producers line up while they receive the award.

The UNTV programs are: Ating Alamin, Bread n’ Butter, Candidly Speaking w/ Willy, Climate Change, D’Xman, Doc on TV, Easy lang Yan, Estranghero, Istorya, Kaagapay, Kilalanin Natin, KNC Show, Law Profile, Make My Day, Manibela, Mapalad ang Bumabasa, Munting Pangarap, Pol Watch, Rotary in Action and Sports 37.

UNTV Program Hosts and Producers

AnakTV is the only award giving-body in the Philippines which is held in the morning. The ceremony was held in Sokka Gakkai Building in Quezon City.

UNTV Program Hosts and Producers

The AnakTV Seal is the synmbol of child-sensitive, family-friendly television in the Philippines. It is the Filipino people’s choice for TV programs that are appropriate for the enter family.

Congratulations to all the Winners! and Congratulations to UNTV!

To God Be the Glory!



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