BNB TOP 6 Business Forecast for 2012

It is always good to have your own business, but we should always be cautious  on choosing the right business for you so that our capital would not become just a waste.

 This 2012, What business do you think would be in? The Bread n’ Butter team has thought of putting up a lists and pick up 6 businesses that we think could probably be a hit this 2012.


Automotive Industry has a big contribution in our economy. A lot of people are being given a chance to work becuase of the industry. And as time pass by, more and more Motor Companies are opening here in the Philippines and this is because, if before, owning a car is considered a luxury, but in our generation it is becoming a necessity even by the Middle-Income Pinoys. Automotive Industry also includes Auto-Repair Shops, Spare Parts, Car wash, Detailing, and other businesses related to Cars.

Kitt and Rodel tryied to be a mechanic for one day ...


Perfect timing for the Tourism Business, now that the Philippine government is strengthening this industry this year. As the Department of Tourism’s campaign – “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!” and if there are a lot of fun here, for sure there are also more businesses! This includes Travel Agencies, Souvenir Shops, Food Business, Transportation and even health. And another thing, this does not only target the foreign market but as well as the local tourists, and returning Pinoys from abroad. Isn’t a wonderful business?

Tri-kada (Arlene, Rodel & Kitt) visit's Ocean Park Manila


Aside from Tourism, Fashion Industry could also be a hit this 2012. But competition in this field could be quite difficult especially with the advent supply of cheaper merchandise from abroad. But when we talk about design, Filipino craftsmanship are World Class! it is a given fact that most Filipinos are meticulous on how and what they are wearing. Thanks to spanish conquerors for giving us a high fashion sense.

The bottom-line is, Fashion business, is always an in-business and if you have a unique idea as well as design with a cheaper prices, big chances of success could be attained in this industry.

FART Gallery owner Viva Andrada with Rodel Flordeliz


Anytime, Food Business is always a hit for Filipinos! It is already known that Filipinos love eating! But because of the lifestyle we currently have, a lot of us doesn’t have the luxury to cook that is why we tend to depend on the foods supplied by the abundant restaurants around our area. Not just that, almost all restaurants now have home delivery services … a proof on the business fast development.

Competition is very difficult if you want to enter this type of business, one wrong move could result to a fast closer of your establishment. Make sure that you could offer a different plate on their table to make your customers to keep on coming.

Tri-kada visits Coconut House in Q.C.


Just like last year … Service Oriented Business is expected to be a big hit. Why? It’s because of the fast improvement of our lifestyle. Most of us tend to have no time to do chores at home and even personal things. The solution, hire an outside help.

If you also don’t have the luxury of time to do your daily burden like cooking or other errands, there are people who are willing to do this for an equivalent price and they are the persons you should be looking for!

The Tri-kada as a Call-Center Agent


And finally, the first on the BNB List – Technology Related Business. This includes gadgets like cellphones, laptops, tablets, ipod, accesories and other techy stuff almost every Pinoy loved! Before, gadgets can be considered as a luxury, but with the advance technology we area having right now, the former luxury became a necessity! The consumer demands are very big and it is expected to double this year.

We love the Camera and camera loves us back!

And that completes are Bread N’ Butter Business Lists that could become a Hit this 2012. If you would analyze each one of it, the common denominator would be it’s relationship to each other towards the lifestyle need of the Filipinos today. As the saying goes, “Sumasabay sa uso at Takbo ng Panahon” That is why, it is expected to a be a big hit this 2012.

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