What can we do for Philippine Tourism Business this 2012

We had the chance to interview Mr. Robert Lim Joseph also known in the industry as Bobby Joseph. But who is Bobby Joseph?

Mr. Bobby Joseph

Bobby Joseph attended Letran College and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. He served a total of 23 years in marketing and sales of the airline industry, starting as Sales Superintendent of Egypt Air in 1969, as Assistant Sales Manager of Korean Airlines in 1975, a Management Consultant for the General Sales Agents of Air France and British Caledonia in 1982, and as District Sales Manager of Kuwait Airways from 1983 to 1992. He set up the now successful Columbia Transport (Coltrans) Cargo Logistics shortly after leaving Kuwait Airways and is Chairman of his own family corporations: Philippine Wine Merchants Inc., Food and Beverage Inc., and Ralph’s Wines and Spirits, which are all flourishing business ventures. Mr. Joseph has been the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia to the Philippines since 1994 and together with his many Philippine and international travel industry and other professional affiliations has obtained for the TCP a wide network of marketing partners and associates.

With his credentials and affiliations, we are in the right place to asked some questions regarding the Philippines forecast to it’s tourism business this 2012.

Here is the transcription of our interview:

Question: Hows the tourism industry last 2011?

Bobby:The tourism for 2011 was expected. The efforts done by the previous administration, I’m talking of former secretary Ace Durano. In coming up with a strategic planning and full implementation of segmentized marketing around Asia. We really thrive there; we have poured the small money to DOT and to the Private Sector. We really want to enhance and promote it. How did we do that? Those campaigns that we made in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and even Hong Kong. We nearly reached 3.8 million. So, we will see if they are correct to say that 4 million will come to us.

Q: And this 2012, What can we do to improve in this industry?

B:Easy to do, but we really need in that, the concern of the people in tourism. And then, listen to the government and we should do immediately what we should do. Not just we can do it but we are not doing it. And I believe the President Noynoy is really interested in tourism at ang target ni Pres. Noynoy is 10 million. So, if that is the goal that we have, 10 million. We should do together and work together as we can get this down. So, there should be really… now… with the new Secretary we feel that the new year, there would be a strategic planning or a summit of getting people to move on and to use the limited funds to the best of our ability, and this can be done to online communication it has to well orchestrated. We should be synchronized there.

Q: What can we do to achieve the goals?

B: First of all, we need to promote the cleanliness and discipline. Not only the wrong doings can we saw. You have to improve the facilities; you have to improve the connectivity. You have to check also the taxi drivers to give them a seminar. When they do wrong, they are overcharging. We should investigate who is the owner of that. In that small case we are attacked. You know if the tourist will be happy to go here they will be the ambassadors. They will said that, there is a good place and excellent.

We shouldn’t loose our sight, not just in long term but also the small term that would be happen. Is our people are in the wild fame? Are we training properly the waiters, it’s everybody’s business, and everybody’s concern but if it is everybody’s concern, goverment should be the first one to initiate putting it to a better infrastructure or atmosphere. Like in Marikina there’s no tourism destination there, that’s not a tourist destination. Why are around 360,000 who go there to visit Marikina? Why? No.1 is good Governance. Well in order, right? If we can do that in Subic why we can not do that in Metro Manila? Why we cannot do that in other places, we can do that. And we should not campaign here the graft and corruption in tourism.

Q: Individual participation is a msut to gain success this year in the tourism sector of the the country, any final message to all the people of the Philippines as well as the tourist who would plan to visit the country?

B:There are lots of friends and partners in the industry. Lots of opportunities in tourism but you have to look at a long perspective at the same time if Government should work hand in hand with us. it is guarantee that they work faster economic progress can come here and we will see that many will be able to profit. We have to cascade it all the way to the grass of level to the Barangay level, unless we have a culture of tourism that has been implemented it has been made by law or we private sector has been doing tourism cultural seminars and events for the last 6 years. I am sure with this new leadership and we, the new secretary of tourism right now the president we have see him in action in Bohol, we have see him in action in Puerto Princesa.

Long live the Philippines and we all join. Tourism is everybody’s business. We owe this, we should love this like Jojo Binay said, this is ours, and we should love this and our country as well.


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