Dine provincial style in Pasig City

We thought weve seen the best restaurants the Ortigas area has to offer but it seems that with every passing month a new restaurant makes it into the Pasig denizens list of must tries. Sophias Garden is one of those places that sticks into our consciousness like glue. Unrelenting, pushing and pressuring us to concede and visit their place. But for the Trikada we dont need that just a simple invite will do. One feels that he is dining in a provincial restaurant with plants and grass surrounding several bahay kubos where diners can eat. How did this charming place end up in the middle of a concrete jungle? Tricia Vistan the manager and daughter of the owner relates.

“Nagstart sya because yung family ng father ko nasa seafood  business talaga eversince. Like yung mga lola ko nasa palenke  na sila nung dampa. Yung tita ko si Tita Grace na merun silang Robbies Dampa din siya. Sya yung unang unang nagkaroon ng restaurant dun sa Macapagal. Then from sa kanya nagkaroon ng idea na magput-up  pa ng mga business na hiwa hiwalay kasi maganda naman po yung income.”

the young Tricia Vistan, at early age is being trained by her parents to be the manager of the restaurant

What one readily notices entering the premises is the continuous cool air that breezes thru the whole dining area since Sophias is situated on a hill, probably the highest land point in Pasig . No need for an airconditioning system. This definitely adds to the appetite to the already hungry guest. All the chairs tables and walls are made from varnished wood. The tables are so thick like the ones we usually see when we visit our relatives in the provinces. Perfect for a traditional provincial bringing.

The interior is open making it accessible for fresh air and light, but also could be bad in storm or rainy season.

“Yung mom ko passionate talaga sa wood and anything about wood. Dahil nga nandun kami sa business na yun dahil nga rin galing kaming province naisip namin na why not put a place na parang nasa province ka in the sense na naeenjoy mo yung luxury ng food nung dampa.Kaya nagkaroon kami ng idea na magkaroon ng wood and food”

The Trikada’s favorite foods are served piping hot and displayed in such manner as to entice us to forget our sacred diet. Just look at all these mouth watering Filipino foods just like what our mothers used to cook.

Crab Deep Fried

Ensaladang Mangga


Bread n’ Butter team Enjoying the food!

Admittedly, the prices here are quite expensive. It primarily caters to the A and B crowd.You have to buy orders by the kilo so its suitable for groups of friends or families to dine here. Tricia already had plans to extend their services to the C and D diners.

“Aside from gusto kong magkaroon kami ng sariling corporation gusto kong magkaroon ng hotel and resort gusto namin magkaroon ng franchising company that will cater to the lower class to the middle class people na the same food pero lower prices. A la carte sya unlike here you have to buy everything and then magkaroon ka ng own dish. Doon we can. Para mas lalong makatipid we can parang costumize yung food para sayo. Gusto namin  magkaroon ng maraming maraming outlet nun para maranasan ng maraming Pilipino ang dampa.”

Need we say more or show pictures to convince you to try Sophias Garden? Just go and give in to your cravings.



Sophia’s Villa Dampa Seafood Palutuan | Captain Javier St. Pasig City near Valle Verde Country Club infront of Nipa Hut Restaurant | Look for Mr. Teddy Vistan Call us: 477-5519 Mobile # 0916-244-4453

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  1. Wow! I like their place! Ganda naman diyan!

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