Trikada in Red

Kitt, Rodel & Arlene


 Rodel Flordeliz

The youngest among the three, and considered the more serious, Rodel’s personality easily gels with different characters young and old alike. He was exposed to art early in life thus enabling him to give creative insights to the show. Music is one of his passion and is a source for his creative talent. He used to host Sound Connection, a youth oriented musical show.     

Rodel Flordeliz

Rodel Flordeliz, The youngest among the three, and considered the more serious.

Curious on different things, Rodel likes trying and experimenting on diverse concepts and ideas. People admire his positive views in life. He is also adaptable to different situations that fate gives. Always wanting something new in life, he explored the world of media. Being in media gives him a natural high, in it he found his lifework.

He wants to have his own business someday. He considers being a host of Bread n Butter a blessing and a stepping stone to realize his goals. Through this show he hopes to expand his knowledge in entrepreneurship while enjoying travelling to different places. The show brings Rodel to lots of places. This gives him the chance to travel to cities, provinces and countries he always wanted to visit.

Currently a producer, editor and host in UNTV, Rodel will surely go a long way in his chosen field as his passion for work clearly shows. With his burning ambition in mind, he is ready to trudge higher grounds.     

 Kitt Meily

Sophisticated, stylish, friendly and likable. This definitely describes Kitt. The reluctant and camera shy Kitt never imagined herself hosting a program as she is used being behind the camera. But with much coaxing from friends, she finally conceded. Low and behold, hosting, as she discovered comes natural to her. Having a vivacious personality, she always puts life in a boring room whenever she’s around.

Kitt Meily

Sophisticated, stylish, friendly and likable. This definitely describes Kitt

A true blue Bulakenya, growing up in a provincial town taught her the value of work and diligence. Never averse to challenges, she resolved to reach her goals and aspirations in life no matter what. She gives  high value to persistence and believes that it is a key to success. Kitt is also a source of encouragement, a reason why people loves to be around her. Being supportive to others ambition is another of her outstanding character.  Being a neophyte host of a travel and business show is a challenge for her. But as her personal history shows she never backed out from any challenge. She feels lucky being in the show which literally keeps her on her toes given that she has to tour constantly. She always looks forward in visiting far away provinces and hidden nooks and crannies of Manila to discover what business they have to offer. 

Kitt’s achievement in life will continue to expand as she is determined to explore her talents and abilities further. With her voice ringing around the room, you’ll surely know that Kitt is in the house.       


 Arlene Razon

The fashion icon in the trio, Arlene completes the tri-kada. A long time patron of fashion, Arlene exemplifies urban contemporary style in her choice of clothing. She has a sensitive sense in style and an eye for details in the arts. Always looking in the sunny side of life gave her the necessary tact in dealing with the challenges in life.

Arlene Razon

The fashion icon in the trio, Arlene completes the tri-kada.

Her interests in life are diverse which includes dancing. “Dancing is my greatest passion” she muses with a childlike grin. Arlene believes in the adage “Carpe Diem” or seize the day in the vernacular, an axiom that she practices every waking day of her life. Evidence of her character can be traced in her seemingly unaffected manner in dealing with the trials that comes her way. Possessing a vibrant personality, there is never a dull moment when she’s around. Add to this her bubbly nature that gently gels with the other hosts.

Also a newbie in the industry, she is determined to be one of the best in this field. She enjoys hosting the show since she plans to go to business someday. Arlene loves to travel a lot. The show keeps her busy going to places. This adds to her enjoyment since she meets a lot of people. This is the ultimate gratification for her, knowing different cultures by visiting different places while learning a thing or two about business. Her opinion is highly regarded on the general direction of the show. Arlene will definitely make her mark as a host.

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7 Responses to “Tri-kada”
  1. Joel G. Ben says:

    hi bnb trikada!
    i just watched your show (replay nga lang)…
    and guess what?
    i really enjoyed it!
    i hope to see more episodes of your program…
    keep it up!

  2. Giovani Castro says:

    I nice show d’ best!

  3. Bonek says:

    ang gaganda ng palabas, bihira lang me makapanuod kc gala din ako, pero kpag asa haus me I’ll see to it na mapapanood ko cla, marami kang matututunan, hehehe, love ko ung episode n nagwelding cla, nung 1st time kong gawin un, namaga tlga mata ko tapos absent me sa skul kinabukasan, kala ko mabubulag nako the night after that d k n kc mamulat mata ko, i hope to see more beautiful episodes, goodluck sa tri-kada, lalo na kay arlene, she’s really cute…

  4. eyebag says:

    hi!!! trikada pag napapanood ko kyo napapaiyak ako sa katatawa ang KUKULIT NYO guys you’re tremendous!

    • Goryo says:

      salamat ha! hinay hinay lang sa pagtawa at pagiyak ha ..baka iba na ang maging reaksyon ng mga katabi mo eh …hehehe (joke lang) thanks Eyebag!

  5. i like ur show i hope i can work there in untv someday salamat po sa dios.

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