BNB TOP 6 Business Forecast for 2012

It is always good to have your own business, but we should always be cautious on choosing the right business for you so that our capital would not become just a waste.

This 2012, What business do you think would be in? The Bread n’ Butter team has thought of putting up a lists and pick up 6 businesses that we think could probably be a hit this 2012.

Fashion Sailor

“Imagine you wouldn’t have to go to UK stores just to shop for hard to find stylish branded clothing. Just sit down in front of a PC and google your way to a fun shopping galore in Fashion Sailor.”

F.ART (fashion and art)

Two very young designers are slowly conquering the fashion scene and are getting the nod of fashionistas in Metro Manila. With their avant-garde style of designing and wide insight of the fashion scene, these sisters are making raves in the industry.