tri-kada Moments in Dubai UAE

Castle like cities in the sand (Dubai, Abu Dhabi)

For the last part of our UAE escapade, we visited yet another dazzling city of the dessert. Considered as the richest city in the world, Abu Dhabi is another tourist destination that boasts of millions of visitors yearly. From Dubai, we enjoyed a 90 mile trip to reach this place. Abu Dhabi faces the wide Persian Gulf. As the capital of UAE, it is the countries center for political and industrial activities.

The magnificent artificial island in Dubai UAE

Bread n Butter Episode 56

Visiting the fabled countries of the dessert is truly an enjoyable experience as attested to by our recent holiday in Dubai U.A.E. where we spent a day of fun and exploration. Since were more knowledgeable of the Western countries, it is much to our surprise to learn how highly developed Dubai has become. In fact it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Malls in Dubai, UAE (BnB Tours)

We just can’t get enough of Dubai so we extended our stay there, for a few more days to fully understand the vibe, splendor and the charm of this golden city. This time we will go mall hopping among the many high class malls that proudly stands in this dessert environment seemingly defying the heat covering the whole land. We expect that this would be along day so we come prepared for this very welcome treat. First in our long list is the Mall of the Emirates.