Dampa sa Macapagal

Dampa is a relatively new concept in dining experience for Pinoys. Diners can buy for themselves fresh seafood or meat products from a market then cooked any way they want.  The long stretch of Macapagal Avenue is a haven for such kind of restaurants. Less than a dozen eateries of this kind thrive in this coastal neighborhood where seafood treats are the specialties. One that stands out among others in this strip is Sis. Thus named since the owners, you guessed it, are sisters, Sis is among the more famous dampa in Metro Manila. The sisters are also the owner of Robbies, another dampa restaurant that we already featured in the past episodes. Upon entering Sis, customers are greeted and ushered by a very courteous neatly dressed attendant. Immediately one would notice the vibrant and lively ambiance of the place which can accommodate around 100 people. Clattering forks, spoons and plates fills the air with seemingly chorused noise. A welcome sound that signify the satisfaction of the appetites of diners.

Foreigners and Filipino’s alike are regular customers here. Just try visiting this place at its busiest hours (7:00-10:00PM) and you’ll witness an almost endless flow of people eating there. Though at around this time, customers have to wait for available tables. Patience is certainly needed for the long queue of people waiting to take tables.

The manager told us that they don’t have any marketing scheme to promote their business. People themselves serves as the marketing agents through word of mouth. Since they opened, diners have been packing the seats every night. The manager also gives credit to the efficient employees for the success they are having right now. The staff dutifully works their assignments down to the tee to the delight of the manager and the customers alike. To show their friendliness customers can be chaperoned by any of the staff to buy raw ingredients at a nearby market. After that they can sit back relax and wait for around fifteen to twenty minutes for the feast to be served. Here’s more, while eating diners are serenaded by a quartet that sings to you different genres of music. Makes you feel that you are in a restaurant of a five star hotel. You can also request the songs you like. Budget for single or group dining starts at P300.

Bread n’ Butter

Episode 61


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